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Impressive History Combined Together

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An enchanting wedding venue in the heart on Faitroun surrounded by century-old oak trees, green-tinged mountains beyond, from every angle you stand there is something truly remarkable to take in. With its beautifully 6th century A.D. Church, Pleine Lune is the perfect location for your wedding day.

Why Pleine Lune

Pleine Lune outdoor Venue, nestled in the center of two mountains in Faitroun - Lebanon, 30 km away from the heart of Beirut, with an altitude of 1100m above sea level. Overlooking a breathtaking mountain view, while surrounded with greenery and ancient oak trees, Pleine Lune offers a natural charming atmosphere and pleasing weather. This venue is not only lovely in terms of beauty and aesthetic but also because it carries history of a church on the grounds. Pleine Lune provides an inspiring and enchanting location for outdoor weddings, engagements, religious ceremonies, corporate events and celebrations.


Saint Georges church dates back to the 6th century A.D. Built by the queen Theodora, probably the most powerful woman in Byzantine history.
Wife of the eastern Roman emperor Justinian the first, whom reign was from 527 till 565 A.D and daughter of a Syriac priest.